How to access Zoom meeting on desktop laptop or phone


Accessing a Zoom meeting is a simple as referring to the email invitation you have received and clicking in from there. Here are some simple instructions to access a zoom meeting on either desktop, laptop or phone.

In the email you have received there is a blue active link underneath Join Zoom Meeting

If this doesn't work, you can access the Zoom platform using this link.

Click this link and select JOIN in the top right hand area as shown below.

Enter the Meeting ID from the email that was sent - it is written under the Join Zoom meeting blue link.

Select Join.

You may be asked to open zoom or launch meeting, Select. Enter meeting passcode from the email as shown in the screenshot above and select Join. Join with computer audio.

Menu options will be across the bottom of the screen.

To access from your phone

Click the link in the email

Select Join Meeting - confirm your name - select wifi or cellar data and you're in.

Tap the screen for menu options.

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