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Updated: 21/3/24

It is our mission here at Madeit to elevate, energise and activate the value of handmade creations. As part of this mission it is mandatory that all products listed on the platform have high quality imagery. Madeit requires that all imagery on the website must adhere to the following image requirements.

Main Product Image

Additional images

General guidelines

Examples of main product images

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Use Canva to create product images

1. Main Product Image:

a. Single Image Requirement: The main image must be a single photograph, with no multiple images combined, cut, or pasted together.

b. No Text Overlay: The main image must be free from any text or captions overlaid on top of it.

c. Image Clarity:

  • The image must be clear and sharp, with no blur.
  • Proper lighting is essential. The product should be well-lit to showcase its features and color accurately.
  • No mannequins to be used. The creative use of props and people will have a far greater impact for your customers.

d. Dimensions & Cropping:

  • While images will be cropped to a square format, for best representation, we recommend uploading your images with a dimension of 1024 x 1024 px.
  • Ensure the main focus of your product is centralized to avoid any crucial parts getting cropped out.

e. Stylised Background:

  • Please note the main image used must have a stylised background. Product that has been clipped (background removed) and placed on a plain or marbled/coloured background is not permitted on the main image.

2. Additional Images:

a. Text Overlay: Unlike the main image, you may add text, captions, or labels over these images. Ensure the text complements the image and doesn't obstruct the view of the product.

b. Composite Images: You can combine multiple images within one frame to show different angles, uses, or variations of the product.

c. Image Clarity: Maintain the same quality and lighting standards as the main image to ensure consistency. No mannequins to be used.

3. General Guidelines:

a. File Format: Use JPG or PNG format for optimal quality and compatibility.

b. File Size: Ensure the image size is optimized for web viewing to ensure fast load times without compromising quality.

c. No Misleading Representation: Ensure that the product is represented accurately without any enhancements that might mislead the buyer.

d. Consistency: For a cohesive look in your marketplace store, maintain consistency in terms of background, lighting, and style across all product images.

e. No mannequins to be used on main images: People buy from people and want to see your products on real bodies or photographed with great props. Product listings with main images using mannequins will be disabled by admin and you will be required to update images prior to re-approval.

Examples of main product images that meet the guidelines

Below are some examples of main product images that meet the guidelines

By adhering to these guidelines, you'll ensure that your product is represented in the best light possible, providing clarity and assurance to potential buyers on the platform.

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